Design Intent

Design Baseline Plan

From the Survey we could see the community was looking for a design that would incorporate key elements.  It was important that provision was made for older children and that consideration was made to zoning play areas for different age groups. 

Identified Play Themes

Improvement to Toddler Equipment - Provision for Inclusive Play - Equipment to provide kinetic play – excitement and movement

Also the Community wanted a play scheme that was different from surrounding play facilities.  It was important to consider inclusive play elements so children of differing abilities could play along side each other. 

Identified Sports Themes

Providing facilities for older children - Provision of exercise equipment to maintain health and mobility in the open air

A large proportion of the community wanted to see fitness equipment and this has been carefully considered to incorporate fitness equipment that actually works.  A number of people in the community wanted to see a basket ball court installed.  The scheme proposes a small court similar to that other local parks.