2020/21 Project

Playground, Sports & Exercise Equipment

The Playground has served the community well but is now requiring investment to renovate and repair existing equipment. Also there is a need to introduce new equipment to further expand the suitable age range.

Furthermore the village has seen growth since 2003 with three housing developments putting additional pressure on community facilities.

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From the feedback taken through a survey that saw over 600 respondents express their preferences, these have now been interpreted and form the basis of the design brief, this has been shared with the three playground companies that we have chosen as the basis for their designs.

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Mood Board

A mood board has been put together to propose colors and nature themes

Three Playground companies have been selected to work up design proposal. Once you have reviewed the proposals we would love to hear what you think as this will help feed back into the selection of a company to develop the final design.

Use the form on the contact page to give feedback.

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We have ambition plans to see £180,000 investment into Knowle Park. To achieve this are taking a three way approach looking to raise £60K from the Council, Community and Corporate Sponsors.

Find out more about how you can support and get behind this project.

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