Why start with fundraising from the community first before other potential sponsors?

This is really important! If we want something, we need to demonstrate our commitment by putting our own hands in our pockets before asking someone else to. This will send a very powerful message to both the Council and Organisations that we are behind the scheme and will see it through to completion. This will in turn give them confidence to invest.

Why have other local towns and villages got better playgrounds than us, has the council paid for these?

Areas which are deprived and lacking in facilities can access European Grants. There are nearby examples of playgrounds that have been funded by the EU.

In other instances such as in Bentley Heath they have been paid for by Section 106 money which is obtained during large housing developments

Why isn't the Council doing this, we pay our rates?

The Council provides and maintains open spaces in Solihull. Maintenance is incorporated into their budgets and recently we have seen them carry out repair works in the park. We have communicated this message to the Council Officers and as a Project team we are looking to the Council to match fund your giving and will be making a strong case for this.

Will the community have to find all the money?

No. The Funding Strategy is for the Council and Corporate sponsors to match the local Community Fund Raising. We are submitting an application for money the Council holds and have also identified a number of Charities and Organisations we will go to.

There are Development Plans for Knowle. Can we get money from these towards the project?

Section 106 money will become available during the planning process and the community will get a say in where this is spent. It could be at least two years before money becomes available from the developments being planned now, so something for the future.

Who will maintain the new Playground?

On Project Completion the responsibility of operation and maintenance will pass to the council.